The secret of I Bre is family.  A family united in its shared passion for its work and desire to produce excellent products to be enjoyed at your table.

At the time that Corrado Brero’s parents decided to start their vineyard,, in the early 1970s they probably didn’t realize the impact this decision would have on their son. From a very early age he learned to admire and appreciate his parents devotion to their work, their careful cultivation of their land, and their tender care for their grapes. As he grew, so did his calling to follow in their footsteps and in so doing his desire to produce wine that would capture the essence of their love and passion for their work in every bottle that he produced. This romantic notion was, and continues to be, Corrado’s inspiration.

Deeply intertwined with his early-childhood experiences with his parents on their vineyard is his love for the lands of Langhe and the respected tradition winemaking in this renowned region. When he assumed responsibility for the company in 2001, initially he thought that he would only buy a hectare or two to add to the already existing vineyard. His early thinking was to gradually increase his wine production. He hadn’t anticipated however, that his wines would be in such high demand. Today I Brè has a total of 20 hectares dispersed throughout the celebrated soils of Langhe.

Apart from his agricultural knowledge and artistry of his craft, Corrado credits a dear friend that he met while working at the internationally known Cinzano,  for being instrumental in his decision to pursue his desire and dedicate himself fully to the creation of his brand. The encouragement and support of this friendship were instrumental in his transition from his role at Cinzano to his professional growth and success as entrepreneur.

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