I Brè’s Vineyards


Monvigliero is the most important and well known Cru in this region. It is located northeast of the town of Verduno, home to nearly 560 inhabitants. I Brè’s vineyard is seated at about 300 meters high at the hill’s summit, from which it is possible to take in the magnificent panoramas of Langhe and Roero. This is the is region particularly well-suited for cultivation  of the Nebbiolo da Barolo grape, one noted for its advantageous growing conditions.

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is another very important area with conditions particularly well suited to the growth and cultivation of the Nebbiolo grape. The vineyard is located southeast of Monvigliero and is entirely exposed at mid-day. The vineyards in this area benefit from the compact soil rich in calcium. Five of Brè’s hectares are located here in San Lorenzo.


This vineyard which sits opposite Monvigliero is  situated about 250 meters high below The Appiano.  The Nebbiolo, Verduno Pelaverga and Barbera grapes grown here benefit from both southeastern and southwestern sun exposure ideal conditions for these varietals.


Perno has the highest concentration of land use for cultivation in the region. It’s Helvetic soil, composed of Mesozoic marine limestone, marls, and shales is perfectly suited to growing Dolcetto, Nebbiolo and Pelaverga. The wines produced from these vineyards are particularly noted for their magnificent color and intense sensory expression.


Situated near the town of Verduno, Pisapolla is a land dominated by the ridges formed by the nearby hills in the heart of Piedmont’s wine region.  These vineyards sit at an elevation of about 300 meters with eastern exposure and are dedicated exclusively to the Nebbiolo grape.


The Rodasca vineyard can be reached by a small dirt road that leads from Verduno to Borgata Fava; a pathway that  offers a breathtaking view of I Brè’s Dolcetto, Barbera and Verduno Pelaverga distributed throughout the hilltop.


Another 2.5 hectares of I Bre’s vineyard can be found in Boscatto, a small enclave situated just below the town of Verduno. where the vineyard grows predominantly Nebbiolo da Barolo at an elevation of 270 meters. A small swath of land in this vineyard  is dedicated to the growth of Barbera.

Rocche dell’olmo

In the predominantly sandy soils of Rocche Dell’Olmo, sitting at an altitude of 350-400 meters, I Bre has another vineyard in its collection dedicated to the growth of the Nebbiolo da Barolo grape.

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