Visit the cellars of the I Brè farm

I Bre offers a warm welcome to anyone who wants to come for a visit and enjoy its refined wines, local delicacies and a visit to the wine cellar.

Wine is marvelous and should be enjoyed not only on the tongue but also through the sense of sight and smell in an environment that enhances the experience allowing one to enjoy its  full range of aromas and flavors.

There is no such thing as a wine tasting without good food. With us you will be able to enjoy a small and  simple antipasto or a larger, more abundant one prepared by us in our kitchen.

And after the wine tasting why not enjoy a personally guided tour of our cellar with Corrado? He will know how to respond to any question that you may want to ask him and if you like he will bring out into the vineyards where you will personally discover the secrets of wine.

You can visit the wine cellar by filling out the appropriate contact form at the bottom of the page and reserving your visit. Discover the beauty of the farms and the enchanting views of the vineyards from the

In the wine cellar you will be able to immerse in all phases of the winemaking process which are aimed at creating the best wines in Langhe, Piedmont, and discover the secrets of this  great winemaking tradition. Our staff will be at your complete disposal to describe every phase of production.

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