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After a fascinating visit to the cellar and the vineyards and an experiential tasting, both expertly guided and conducted by Corrado Brero and our staff, the purchase of our Barolo, a Barbera or a Nebbiolo is the natural consequence.

This is why our store was born in 2019, to give our customers the opportunity to try and collect all those sensations that bring us closer to the world of this extraordinary drink that is wine.

The store is our flagship, a modern environment, a place where hospitality is at home, a place immersed in the middle of our vineyards and offering a spectacular view of the Langa.

No reservation is required to come and buy, we are open every day from 8.00 to 16.00.


Our company cultivates six hectares of Piedmont IGP hazelnut plants whose fruit is harvested, peeled by roasting and sold in transparent vacuum-packed packages of 250gr.

Toasting is nothing more than roasting the dried fruit evenly. This technique allows you to keep the hazelnut crunchy and tasty.

The toasted hazelnut can be used to make delicious treats or simply be enjoyed on its own and we can assure you that it is a delight for the palate.


The “meliga” cookies are a typical round soft biscuit from Piedmont made from wheat flour and slightly crunchy corn flour, cereals that our farm has been growing for several years.

The scent that invades the laboratory as they cook is purely mouthwatering. They are ideal for teatime, for a quick snack or served for breakfast.

Packs of 200gr.


Soft inside, these pastries have a crumbly surface criss crossed by small grooves. Packaged in a transparent bag, they give the consumer, once opened, very exquisite and pleasant aromas with an unmistakable bitter-sweet taste on the palate.

Individually wrapped, it is one of the specialties most appreciated by our loyal customers.

Packs of 250gr.

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