Who Are We

Our family business is located at the heart of the vineyard landscapes  of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato in Piedmont, a Unesco World Heritage site.  To live immersed in such beauty is marvelous. We know how fortunate we are to experience this beauty to work at our labor of love.

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Family History

The name I Bre comes from a small village located in Verduno (CN) in called Breri. The company was established in the early 1970s by husband and wife Luciano and Teresina Brero who shared a passion for winemaking.

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Our wineshop is our pride and joy. A sleek and modern facility with a light touch of traditional elements. The shop, which opened in January 2019, is located in the heart of the I Brè vineyards, offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Langhe from its immense windows. We are waiting for you to visit us here.

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“I love what I do….The land that I work, ….The grapes, the vines, the air, sun and breeze, Our village, Verduno. All of these sentiments and elements joined together create the identity of I Bre.”-Corrado Brero

We are proud in the knowledge that the wines of I Bre will play an important part in someone else’s song, dance, joy and love. Our mission is to extract from nature the essence of her bounty and share with you what you hold in the glass.

Our production philosophy is to blend the best traditional methods of wine making that we have learned and practiced for the last two generations with the most advanced technological innovation.

Winemaking is a slow process that requires day to day attention to each grapevine, ensuring that it is healthy and resilient. It is a tradition that requires attention to the most miniscule changes in micro-climates that can impact growth; knowledge of every aspect of the terrior, and above all patience. When this tradition is respected and carefully blended with the innovative machinery of today that assist in the detailed monitoring of every step-from seed, to plant, to harvest, to the art and science of production, and finally bottling-what you have is a final product that embodies something much more than distilled grapes. What you have is our wine.


I Brè offers enthusiasts and customers the opportunity to visit the company’s production and discover the secrets of the great Piedmontese winemaking tradition. Come and visit us by booking your visit to the cellar by filling out the appropriate form.

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